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Hey guys, I am trying to create a simple hot stamping machine inside unreal. I have done a fairly smple model, just to test out basic animations on it. Now to say, I have some basic skills with blueprints in ue4, as well as animating inside 3ds max. I also know how to texture a model. Its also good to say that I would possibly love to see this working in VR.

Here is a image of what I am trying to achieve, and as I am also a newbie in this, I am asking where should I begin or what should I look for 

Here is what I am curious for:

Orange - by rotating a button a light comes on, meaning a machine has turned on. / Possibly red and green light switch - if possible player could grab the button and rotate it manually

Green - by pressing button the plate would go down, for lets say 2 seconds and then back up
Red - A cable, which should be moveable  (just connected to 2 boxes)
Blue - something like a bolt or a screw, again, you drag it and rotate it, this time the plate in it would go in and out based on the rotation

Now I went over some rigs, but there were mainly characters. As I mentioned, I havent done these kind of animations yet, so I am asking here for help or possibly tutorials to begin with. 

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