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Critique on a body mechanics/cinematic exercise

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Hello animators,
I would be very grateful for your views, critiques and recommendation on where to focus when improving my animation skillset. This exercise was done in Motionbuilder and I focused just on the body mechanics as the rigs didn't have face bones nor blendshapes.
Thank you very much for your time.

(please use , . for frame-by-frame view of youtube video)



  • Rafael
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    Rafael polycounter lvl 6
    Good job on the animation! Overall the base of the animation is working well. I'm happy to give you some pointers on areas I think you could improve. 

    In the beginning, both of the bad guys (the two background characters) are doing all their acting and body rotations from the upper body only. Their feet and legs are stuck in place and it's noticeable. Especially on White Pants, he does a body rotation that's possible but unnatural to achieve without some weight and foot shifting. 

    At around 9 seconds, the rogue character does a quick cartoony step towards the crack of the rocks. It's nice anim, but a little out of character in the moment. Just an opinion, but I think slower paced, more careful action would be better suited in the moment.

    It would be nice to improve the continuity in posing on the rogue character in between shots as she goes through the rocks. 

    The choke hold is well executed, it looks like the rogue character knows some basic jiu jitsu, she's possibly a blue belt with how effortlessly she slipped in under his neck. My suggestion for this moment would be to show more struggle on both chars on the upper body area. Mr short shorts is getting choked out but he's making no effort to move, instead sits in place until his death. I bet he regrets not doing the free trial classes at his local jiu jitsu gym now. 

    I think a more surprised reaction on White Pants would be suitable when he turns around to find his partner in crime being murdered. I understabnd this character is a thug and has seen a lot of shit in his time, but surely he can show a little more urgency toards helping his friend. 

    Just out of curiosity, why are you animating in Motion Builder and not on more standard anim software like Maya? In any case, best of luck and good effort so far !
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