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[RESOURCE] Metal Damage Megapack

polycounter lvl 13
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onionhead_o polycounter lvl 13

71 Metal Damages ( BurstHoles 10, ImpactHoles 12, Tears 22, Dents 13, LongTears 5, Clusters 5, CornerTears 4)

Carefully Curated for Highest quality detail. Great for adding extra detail to your Hard surface Assets with minimal effort

For Use in

Zbrush - VDM Brushes
Mudbox - VDM stencils/Stamps 2k Exrs
Mari - 16bit Displacements 2k tiff format
SubstancePainter - Decals sbsars and normals(masked)
Maya - Kits for MeshBlend

and other software such as 3dCoat, Cinema4D, Blender...
Get it at

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