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Cyberpunk Ciri - COMPLETE

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TaulNotShort polycounter lvl 5
Started another project. This time something a little more relevant!
I came across this really cool Cyberpunk Ciri fanart design by RX over on Artstation, and wanted to challenge myself with something sci-fi/futuristic since the last sci-fi character I did was years ago.
concept piece I'm using for referenceI'm pretty satisfied with the clothing right now. I'd changed the pants to be a little tighter to the body, since I tried a looser version that's closer to the concept and my skills in modelling wrinkles just weren't there yet to get it to match.

I think I got pretty lucky that I found a full head turn around of Ciri's head, and just needed to line features up. ( Of course even with that ability, not everything is going to be spot on since I don't think I can line it up down to a T)
Head with the Skinshader on and some very rough poly painting for fun.
Started this a few weeks ago, and just today picked it back up to do a once over before I move on to the low poly and figuring out how to model the mantis arm.
I started a rough block out last night, but it's too rough for me to want to show it just yet!
Maybe in the next post I'll have it looking pretty.

Comments and Critique are super welcome! :)


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    TaulNotShort polycounter lvl 5
    An uninteresting update this time:

    *Finally* got to (mostly)  finishing the low-poly. That took so much longer than anticipated. Figuring out the arm and doing all of the teeny bits was an absolute nuisance. I still need to go back and fix some gaps in the low poly and make sure things match up with the hi-poly well enough.

    Got some help from a weapons artist I know in how to make clean Booleans, since that was something I was also struggling to make. The plan for the next few days is to clean up the low poly, uv map, make the low poly of the mantis blade, and start to test bake and make the innards of the arm for an exposed version!
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    TaulNotShort polycounter lvl 5
    UV Mapped everything and got to texturing! 
    Texturing her skin went a little faster since I just made a previous project's skin folder into a smart material that I then edited to fit Ciri's UVs. I'm also trying out some more interesting colors in marmoset than just light yellow and blue, since Cyberpunk is supposed to be all bright and neon colors right? I also made her eyes a tad smaller and pushed them closer together, after realizing that they looked super far apart after I stuck them in marmoset.
    I think the first pass looks alright, but it might change down the line. Hopefully come next update more of her clothes will be textured, and I'll have gotten to the sci-fi bits on her body since I haven't added them yet.

    Still got a lot of work to do on the skin ( like tone down the roughness and edit some things) but I'm fairly satisfied with the result I'm getting so far! Eyes may or may not be placeholder, idk. I think I need to make the whole eye set up before I decide whether I want to change the texture or not!

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    TaulNotShort polycounter lvl 5
    An update after almost three weeks! Working on this got sidetracked when I'd decided to work on a bust for a challenge that ended a few days ago. Started working on this again because I'd really like this done before the artstation challenge starts!
    Made some minor tweaks to her face (edited her nose, lips, and eye shape slightly) and added all the textures to make her pretty :)
    Also messed around with the focus distance effect in Marmoset for fun
    I'm basically done with her skin and first layer of clothes, other than adding a few small things here and there, and getting to her hair (which I hope to start on this week)
    Mostly worked on her jacket today. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. Just need to dirty it up and make some minor changes once again to certain textures, and see if I can't make the transparent part of the sleeves a little nicer.
    Front and back with the jacket on.
    (Forgot to add the holster in this renders, but it'll be there come the final version)
    Some more screenshots because they're fun to take!
    I really hope that I can get the hair right on this model; it'll really make or break the character imo.
    As I'm working on this as well, I'm bummed that I can't render textures at a higher resolution (stuck at 2k maps) because my GPU screams for mercy and throws a fit.
    Alas, 4k textures will have to wait until I upgrade my components!
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    TaulNotShort polycounter lvl 5
    I realize I've been pretty lazy with updating here lol but she's done! Took about three-ish months on and off to get her done in between art tests, contests and commissions!
    I'm pretty satisfied with how she turned out, and can't wait to start another project!
    More images can be seen over on my artstation! https://adriantaul.artstation.com/projects/9m2RJo
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