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Static Mesh Actors with Negative Scale?

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Fabi_G polycounter lvl 3
Do you use Static mesh actors with negative scale in games production (to get more variation)?
What are considerations when scaling static mesh actors negatively in UE4? 

Considerations from my experience:
  •  Inverted Normals: Tested merging a negatively scaled mesh with a non negatively scaled one and it resulted in inverted normals.
    This means using negatively scaled meshes are impractical for optimisation pass (merging static mesh actors to reduce drawcalls)?
    Didn't use Hlods yet - is this similar to merging meshes therefor resulting in inverted normals too?
  • Collision: I once experienced problems with Unreal generated collision on negatively scaled meshes (collision would offset), however this was fixed by using collision made in 3d app.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :smile:
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