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Rhino Creature Hybrid Model WIP - Feedback

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ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 4
Hi, I've gotten around to modelling this base mesh for a character called Caterhino, it's supposed to be a hybrid creature with Rhino/Cat/Dog features, but Rhino being the most predominant. I'm at the stage where I'm really stuck how/where to advance things further in terms of modelling things, and wanting to UV and sculpt. Any feedback/suggestions would be well appreciated :) (Concept art on the plane was made by a friend of mine).


  • OfficialPeeper
    Excellent model! Here's a list of possible improvements:

    -Broaden the shoulders
    -Increase the size of the eyes
    -Move the horns lower down the face
    -Broaden the horns
    -Broaden the neck
    -Shorten the legs
    -Add a slight bevel to the hard edges of the armor (specifically the armor piece covering the torso)
    -Add creases/subdivisions to the piece of armor covering the left shoulder (this will make it look more sharp and way less like a thick piece of meat)
    -Widen the feet slightly
    -Enlarge the toes
    -Shorten the armor covering the front and hind legs

    Whether you apply these changes through sculpting or modelling, or if you apply them at all, is up to you. This is just my opinion after all. Have fun!
  • ChristheLancer97
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    ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 4
    @OfficialPeeper No, I'll definitely take on this feedback and use it, that's some great help thanks so much! :D
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