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Translucent Shadows in UDK

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Ink9 node
who seeks shall find..

finally i got one! i tried something rare..i just went over to UE4 and looked there
well it was more y.tube,however i recreated one from the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN1AOSRCsMw

i was not sure to what it might lead,after 15 minutes of wirering arround,what a nightmare.
well,UDK does not have a roughness slot,so i didn´t knew where to plugin..i enabled ss scattering
and some of the translucence tweaks+the export resolution and penumbra dist.

with some higher res. images and some other tweaks it should be good to go,so feel free to improve it.
this is just a beta version.it works so far with directional lights and toggleable but not with
dominant d.l. or with moveable..the directional light colors the shadow and the toggleable is only
in black grey but still with the texture pattern in it.skeletal meshes are not working and probably won´t..

there is also a translucent material tutorial by epic but i´m not sure if it´s capable to project
transclucent shadows?!

vine glasses,gem stones,curtains..?
i´m curious what you make with!post some images.

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