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3D Artist needed on early stage team that has experiences at Google, Facebook, Uber

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About the opportunity

We're a group of friends with experiences developing products at Google, Facebook and Uber who are working on a new idea. This will start as a fun project, but It has the potential to be very impactful if we are successful executing on design. We have a 90% complete Game Design Doc ready to go, and we're at the stage where we need to refine our MVP and business model. We have 1 Product Designer and 1 Engineer already, and we're looking to bring on a couple of 3D Generalist Concept Artists -- people who are equally comfortable switching between early Sketching / Blockout and Character / Environment Design. 

We're all working for free right now because we're so passionate about the opportunity, and we're looking for a couple of others who are willing to do the same.

  • Create environment and characters (models, textures, and shaders) for Unity3D 
  • Create 2D sketches and 3D blockouts
  • Create visual style guides and relevant reference materials
  • Get to know us and enjoy yourself!
  • Ability to create assets within a variety of artistic styles
  • Experience creating beautifully finished indoor environments in Unity3D is a plus
  • Understanding of optimization for Unity3D
  • A strong sense for composition, color, and light
  • Ability to create game ready 3D assets (models, textures, and shaders) that work well within the given technical limitations of iOS and Android devices
  • Self-motivated with a passion for solving problems
Time commitment
  • A couple of nights during the week and 1 half-day on the weekend to start
Asks of you in order to be considered
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