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junker gun - realtime asset

polycounter lvl 5
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wraith8r polycounter lvl 5
hello guys. this is an asset i-ve been working on for the past months. it was done under guidance of my mentor, Georgian Avasilcutei.
you can see more pictures on https://www.artstation.com/artwork/XnOB0n
thank you for checking it out :) take care.


  • Thanez
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    Thanez interpolator
    You had me at the animated visible ammo in the magazine!
    I also really like the roughness of your metal and how the rust is even more bland and dull. 

    If I were to critique anything, it would be that the round bolt and the simple hexagon shape for the nut is OK for a very small detail, but not realistic enough for the amount of space they occupy on screen IMO. I would have spent the time to make a proper nut and bolt set that can be used for kitbashing purposes in future projects. 
    You also took the time to separate the flanges at the front, which I appreciate, but not the ones at the back which are closer to the 'player camera', where the added fidelity would be even more useful.
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