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[WIP] Medieval explorer - bedroom [UE4]

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Mirikiri node
Hey Guys!
A few weeks ago I started a new environment project for my portfolio. The concept is from the amazing artist Xenia Taufertshöfer

This is my progress so far so there are a few textures still missing and the light is not final. I would love to get some feedback and maybe ideas for more probs since I plan to fill the place a little more :)
All assets are created by me. I also created all the wood materials and the wall material in Substance Designer. The paper textures are from textures.com and tweaked in Painter. The beautiful map is done by a good friend of mine. 


  • gastrop0d
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    gastrop0d polycounter lvl 5
    Hi. Cool project you have here! I'd say my first take on it, I have these points of feedback:
    1. Scene is overly bright based on the available light sources (small windows and small candles).
    2. Normals on wood are too strong. Also the normals feel inconsistent across the different sections of wood in the composition. Some things have clearly visible normals, while others are very flat. Try to bring them into a more consistent baseline to sell the believability. 
    3. Construction of building and furniture is unrealistic in some places. Keep in mind how people would actually build these things out of straight pieces of wood. Generally carpenters want to use longer pieces of wood more than shorter ones (less cuts, stronger). I think you could lengthen the floor sections and rotate the direction of some of the short sections on the furniture for instance. A cut piece always terminates in end grain and generally efforts are made to hide this as much as possible. The more you can study about how wood is used in the construction the easier this comes. 
    4. Composition is overly dominated by the same tones. Maybe introduce a wider variety or balance of colours to the scenes palette. I think introducing more temperature in your lights (e.g. bluer light from the window and orange from the candles) and more shadow in the scene will go a long way to balancing this out, but its good to keep in mind for your texturing too.
    5. Feels like quite a mix in texel density throughout the scene. For instance the ceiling wood grain feels big compared to the chair wood grain. Try to work to a consistent texel scale.
    6. Corners of walls should have pillars or some other kind of capping.
    7. Scene is very wood dominant, if you are going to introduce additional props I suggest ones made from metal, ceramic, etc.
    8. Alot of perfectly straight edges. Very uncommon for medieval craftsmanship, since most wood beams are shaped by hand with axes. Try slightly bending and kinking the edges of things.
    That's what I've got. I hope it makes sense. Looking forward to see where you take it!
  • Mirikiri
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    Mirikiri node
    Hey :)
    Thank you for your detailed feedback! There is so much I haven't seen before but I see it now. I'll work on the things you pointed out.
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