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World of Warcraft Level Design- Preview/WIP

Hello there! I have been working on a pretty interesting project- a WoW Level design. I am fascinated with the way the World of Warcraft level designers sculpt the world through terrain detail primarily, and have always wanted to be a designer at blizzard, or at least to mod my own wow levels. Unfortunately, WoWedit is not available to the public, and most WoW mods are done in Noggit- a really old program that will let you make mods for WoW 3.3.5- the current version is 9.0. I wanted to use the current art available and make something beautiful, so through years of experimentation I have figured out a way of getting something close to the real WoW in the Unity game engine. This level is not playable in world of Warcraft but it has been really satisfying to work on and when I am done with it, will be a good thing to add to my level design portfolio. 

This Photo is of one segment of my level, the actual level design is much larger that what you see here and has a story to it that I made up. I have been working on the entire area since about February on and off. I was going to wait until the entire zone was completely finished to share anything- but its 90% complete and I just wanted to show the world what I was working on. So here is a sneak at what its going to look like- there will probably be a bit more polished when it is finished, and will have a skybox, allot of things, I was a little lazy with this. but here ya go. A custom WoW Level!

Legality: This is basically a really complicated WoW machinima if you think about it. Content creators use Blizzard Models and textures every day to make artwork, usually funny videos for YouTube, but this is really no different. I take no credit for any models and textures in this photo, I merely assembled everything together and made a World of Warcraft level. 
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