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Hellenic Diorama | Απελπισία

Hi everyone!

Wanted to share some impressions of a project i tackled in Q1 and Q2 2020. This was my first major project in 3D Arts, involved getting familiar with a couple of different toolings (Blender (incl some Plugins/AddOn), Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marvelous Designer and a fair bit on Animation/Simulation thingies. This was quite time consuming and as I'm a pure hobbyist with a dayjob in a completely different sector etc. i felt like i only grasped a tiny bit of the "right" workflow (trying to talk me out of my own incompetence here :#) Rendered in Blender Cycles, Minor Post-Processing and Scene Assembly too in Blender.

Even though I'm not completely satisfied i called it "finished" bout 3 months ago and decided i might roll it up again and would like to get some critique/opinions of this community on what to improve.  As I'm particulary interested in evolving skills I'd be grateful for any tutorial tips to make things better/workflows less time consuming/painful. Especially I'd like to step up my skills in the environment art/game environment sector (did some small steps in env art in other projects posten on my artstation profile - https://www.artstation.com/ris3d )

Grateful for any comments/critiwues/opinions and/or pointers to evolve my skills,
Cheers R =)

P.s.: How do you guys are able to keep up your motivation on such large scale projects up for so long? TBH i almost gave up like 5 mins before "finishing" the below scene, so much frustration about skills not being good enough to keep up with expectations... :#

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