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Tree creator leaves unlit with spotlight

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Yeudielcc node
So...I already explained it on the forums, but it wasn't the first time I asked that and nobody answered it, so here's the post:

"I'm facing that classic bug that apparently no one has solved to this day. Leaves are completely unlit when a spotlight is near to them (I tested with other light types and this only happens with the spotlight).
I remember that some while ago, I solved that issue in another project were I was working, however, that specific project got corrupted this year and unfortunately I can't access to it to see what I did. I found this post (https://forum.unity.com/threads/tree-leaves-are-glowing.142768/) from AgentParsec, and it seems he solved by recomputing his trees after changing its shader, but it seems that option got removed in Unity 5.6 (?).
So I tried instead just changing the shader from the Tree Shader to the Standard Shader, but nothing happened.

Also, I'm using deferred rendering and linear color space. The trees were placed trough Unity Terrain.
The spotlight is on realtime rendering mode with hard shadows. I'm still working with Unity 5.6.1f1, x64

By the way, I saw some kind of "re-do" button on Unity's Tree Editor, maybe that is the recomputing feature? I honestly don't know, it seems there's no documentation for that specific icon".

Edit: I forgot to mention something. About the button I mentioned in the last paragraph, I'm not sure if it is the recompute button, but I did the same as AgentParsec and it only made worse the issue, every time I hit the button the leaves only turned more bright.

I'll leave an image down here:


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