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[Character Modeling] - How can I improve it?

Hello everyone, I have been practicing the human anatomy following Rafael Grasseti's tutorial and ended up with this render of this demon I sculpted in Zbrush.
I am in the post production process, adjusting the lighting and colors with photoshop but I feel like something is missing in the final render, can you please advise me on how to better the whole thing?

Thanks in advance!


  • kanga
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    I think the first thing would be to get the anatomy right. For that you would need to practice on whole generic figures. Top bits wont help you progress much. What is useful is 3D reference. For that you can use Daz3D (its free). You should have it open on a screen next to your workspace.
    If you have a program like zBrush you can use an untextured  figure to help you judge forms better.
    This isnt the be all and end all of all forms of reference, but its a good start!
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