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Question about assignment[feedback really appreciated]

Hi all!I have an assigment in university,to choose a game and to describe it.I have not yet decide,about the game and I need your own help and feedback.I made some guidelines,so to have a point to begin and to be more specific for you to help me.
Question 1.:Core concepts of the game(1.a)Summary of the game story,1.b)game evolution and history through ages[*my own comment and guideline 1.)how catchy is the games story,plot,and history according to targets audience currently existing beliefs related of games?])Question 2.:Describing games media elements like animation,graphics,video,text and sound[*my own comment and guideline 2.)we know as media/multimedia/game designers that the game  is generally seen up close. Nobody should be looking at the site at a distance unless we are play this, on a large screen. Even if the later is correct, we focus on hierarchy in terms of typography.Question 3.)Information of the response of the audience to the game please use reference(negative or positive)[*my own comment and guideline 3.)there are many methodological problems when someone can measure statistically folks opinions about specific type of games,but maybe are exist some fast critics,on specific websites on the internet?]


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