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Baking issues, Edges on Seams

Hey there i have been trying to bake this piece, i have tried nearly everything, (I use Blender), From editing UVs, Not using too much seams, using the seams and split the edges, Low poly Smooth without Auto Smooth, With auto smooth and i have nearly the same results.

On some other models i have the same edges just much less noticeables, any fix or work around?

I will send the piece model if necesary.


  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d interpolator
    Don't use autosmooth, as it wouldn't respect where your UV seams are (which is where you should have hard edges). It could be a compound of a few other issues, such as a low res/blurry bake in itself (judging by the rust spots in the first image, doesn't look very highres and sharp).
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