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[RELEASED] Ancient Temple Ruins - 3D Models

These ruins are based off of the etruscans. An enigmatic culture that came before the romans. It contains a wide variety of pieces like stone ruins, wood structures, nature and props to create scenes with an ancient motif.

You can find the actual pack here --> https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/historic/ancient-temple-ruins-180254

- 217 models with over 75 ruin pieces to build from using PBR materials.
- Demo scene with a terrain with grass setup and a layout scene.
- 2048x2048 textures and FBX models.

Polycount examples:
- Dead Tree: 3500 triangles (LOD0)
- Vines straight: 3130 triangles
- Necropolis building A: 256 triangles
- Stairs tilted right: 2116 triangles
- Pillar piece: 996 triangles
- Pillar marble: 1168 triangles
- Lantern: 2542 triangles

- Screenshots taken with post-process.
- Screenshots use AllSky Free
- Some of the prefabs might not contain LOD setup or adequate colliders.


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