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Have you ever been disappointed in CGI industry?

How many of youhave been  actually disappointed theirselves and how you deal with it ?
i mean in terms of getting a job and making this as a career?


  • almighty_gir
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    almighty_gir sublime tool
    Always disappointed in something. Focus on the small, manageable successes:

    Today I made an 'x'.
    This week those things came together to make a 'y'.
    This month I've finished 'z' because 'x' and 'y' worked.

    When you focus on smaller, attainable goals. The mountains move them-selves.
  • focus_method
    i understand what you trying to say and i agree. I'm also aware that i need to learn more and develop my skillset more and more but my main problem is that i don't see that light in tunnel. I don't see opportunities.
    It's like i need to be super pro level like Kris kosta , or Ian Spriggs to get noticed on the internet so i can do freelance and be successful .
    Companies always want people to hire with 3 - 5 years of experience in the industry where finding a job is like win the lottery. Where to collect that experience.
    It's like a whole this industry is reserved for 100 - 200 people worldwide.
    i'm asking myself are these 3d character jobs  actually in demand really.
  • neilberard
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    neilberard polycounter lvl 14
    The barrier for entry is pretty high, but it's totally doable. New artists are jumping into this industry all the time that are nowhere near the level of people like Ian Spriggs. As almight_gir mentioned, little successes add up over time. Set reasonable goals that can be achieved in a week or two and celebrate those tiny triumphs.
  • Neox
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    Neox ngon master

    It's like a whole this industry is reserved for 100 - 200 people worldwide.

    that's a really skewed perception you have there. considering there are literally hundreds of individuals working on a big game title at a time. same for movies, yes so see the same faces over and over and over again, but there is more to film than just the actors.
    that some are more visible than others is a whole different issue. comes down to a lot of things, some folks simply don't care as long as they have a safe job to work at, or the have families and just other stuff to care about besides social media coverage. some never get enough following to get visibility and give up, yet they still work in the industry.
  • poopipe
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    Having a massive social media profile really doesn't mean much in terms of your effectiveness in a studio and as such it's a pointless thing to aspire to. 

    Being good at making pretty stuff is not the same thing as being a good video game artist.  It's a significant part of the overall package but it's far from the whole story - It's much better to hire a solid human being than a hyper talented arsehole
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