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Learning Character Animation Blueprints


I have a background in animation having studied it at college. I have become very intrigued and invested in UE4, learning blueprint when I can and practicing a lot.

I'd love to be able to create really convincing character blueprints with natural motion. I've followed most of the free Epic Games tutorials, and got the basics down but they never seem to go into the advanced techniques like leans, vaulting, animation slots, IK's etc.

Where can I learn this sort of thing? Where do people who do this professionally acquire this knowledge? Does anyone know any really good learning resources or paid courses to learn to do this to a professional standard?

I did download the ALS system when it was free and tried to look around but it's so complex I can't really dissect it.


  • A_B
    I seem to recall the streams going into detail a fair bit about how the IK system works, and they also touched on some stuff that they did in Paragon, which had amazing animations. These were super informative for me but by the sound of it you're looking for some real nitty gritty.

    I can certainly remember one of the streams covering how to make your character lean into corners as well as slots... let me see if I can find it

    Here it is - he's talking about leans here: 

    also worth watching that whole vid - it might be suck eggs for a lot of it but he touches on slots as well.
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