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What to do as a 3d modeller?

Guys, I had learned 3d software for half of the year and a few months ago I decided to specialize in modeling, creating models for hobby purposes while I gain knowledge before start working in the sphere.
I learned how to create the right topology, know a lot of modeling techniques. Tried sculpting a few times just to get familiar with it. (And spend few weeks just for that), but most I used polygonal modeling for SubDiv.
And now when I reached certain progress I realized that we have all that software as Quad Remesher, etc. that can retopology any sculpted mesh... How should I act now? Should I adapt for sculpting and just remesh it after, or continue practicing and master modeling, but what skill add next, something completely different as creating materials or creating motion design for models? 
I am interested to hear your opinion as people that already have experience in the sphere, I will be grateful if you give me some advice about where to move next or do not worry and continue moving in modeling?


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    Just a hobbyist here. But imho modeling and sculpting goes hand in hand. You need both. It is not either modeling or sculpting in the same way that it isnot either modeling or texturing. Both are required steps in the pipeline. The fine details are nearly always best done by sculpting. But tools like remesher does not know anything about topology. You do. Remesher can give useful results, but there is no guarantee.

    Mh, imho, to learn and know aobut proper topology you should also know about rigging and animation. That's where topology becomes really important. When the mesh bends wrong or when you can't even rig the mesh in a proper way, then the topology has a problem ...

    Kind regards
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    Eventually there will be tools that are better than an experienced artist at doing retopology but they don't exist yet.

    Existing tools can be "good enough"  - especially for static objects, try some out  and see if they work for your purposes.

    if you're looking to get a job then as said above you'll need to demonstrate you understand good topology/UVs etc. But don't get too hung up on it

  • SatanValentin
    Thanks for your answers, guys!
    It really helps to figure out in what way I should keep working.

    I think after finishing what I am modeling now, I`ll choose something that can be rigged interestingly. And I will try now to model things, then rig them, and after that start animating step by step.
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