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Importing animation from Blender

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I made a simple animation for my vehicle in Blender. I have two main problems during import process:
1) The orientation of model is different than in animation. The animation is ok, but the model lays on the doors. Should I change something in export what is forward, or just rotate the model?
2) There's a scale problem, the model is in normal size, but animation is tiny. I tried to set unit scale to .001, then multiply the size of model and animation by 100 as some post in this forum suggested, but it generates another problems (animation becomes bigger than the model). Changing the name of Armature for anything else solves the problem. What the hell?

And there's the third thing with the least priority. All animations are assigned to one rig/armature, so launching the animation in Unreal Engine makes the all doors open and wheels to rotate. Can I do it in Unreal to open for example just two doors (launch the animation in two bones)? Not by blueprint, but by animation sequence


  • Obscura
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    Obscura godlike master sticky
    For the last thing, you need an animation blueprint, and a standard blueprint to control it. You could have float values for which door is open by how much for example.

    The mesh can be rotated upon importing it. There is a transform field on the bottom of the import dialogue, and you can change the rotation there.
  • A_B
    I daresay you can have the different doors opening individually by assigning them to slots in the animation blueprint, and triggering those animations masked by the slot.
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