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First post - Critique/advice on 3d female face/bust

Hi everyone, just joined polycount :) 

I've hit a bit of a brick wall with this sculpt I'm working on , this is my first try at a full female bust. I'm at the stage of mid frequency changes -  no hair or eyebrow detail yet, I'm still dynameshing, as I'm not ready for details because the form isn't looking right to me yet. Especially the front view. 

I'm hapy with how the profile is coming along, perhaps too much squareness in the Jaw, but the front view of the face I really am looking to improve, I feel that the softer feminity I'm trying to portray with here isn't coming through but all the adjustments I'm making currently aren't working for me, any advice and critique most certainly welcome ! Screen shots of close ups, side and three quarter view below.

Thank you!

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