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SketchbooK: Daniel Moy

Hi guys! I'm an aspiring digital artist and I will be using this sketchbook to document my journey back into the art world. I'll be using this as a diary/journal and I think it'll be cool to look back on in the future. Hopefully my skills will have improved lol. 

Critiques and comments are always welcome!


  • dmoy_art
    color study I did of a blade runner frame. Years ago when I was into digital art I was very into sculpting but I never felt comfortable painting. I watched a few tutorials on color from ctrl paint. I feel like I learned a lot about how to see color and want to put it to the test. This was a quick 2 hour sketch+painting. I didn't quite nail the shades of  yellow of the face, it's too bright but I learned a lot so onto the next one!

  • dmoy_art
    i love this movie so I decided to paint another scene. I chose one with stronger color/contrast. looking forward to painting this

  • dmoy_art
    started laying in colors. Ahh! I've never been comfortable with painting but I want to get better at it. I remember when I had to paint a final for my gesture class and my teacher took it and said "see class, this is an example of what I told you not to do" LOL. I get what he was sayin, but damn! that was like the third painting I ever did dude cut me a break  :p

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