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[PAID/CONTRACT] Human Character Modeler (Remote)

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Character Modeler

Do you love creating interesting worlds? Are you equipped with the technical knowhow and skills to take something from concept and make it a playable reality? Does crafting an immersive experience for gamers excite you? If so, then we're looking for you! Afterthought is on a mission to find a talented modeler to bring humans kicking, screaming and shooting into our dinosaur survival game, The Isle. As a character modeler on The Isle, you’ll be collaborating with a talented group of programmers, concept artists, animators, other modelers and more. Each serving to bolster the quality of the game and the experience it provides to players.

Use character design concepts to create fully fleshed out humans, creatures and their tools
Adhere to the margins of established layouts, system processes and conventions
Have the ability to create high quality, photoreal, models with special attention to detail
Be well versed in maintaining appropriate topology for maximum optimization and functionality
Proficiency in retopologizing dense, high quality models to low-poly variant
The ability to construct characters and their elements and items in a modular fashion for flexibility
Use your initiative to make suggestions and proposals for the betterment of design, feel, flow and interest. 

A portfolio showcasing your very best work
Exemplary experience modeling photoreal humans, clothing and other effects
Great with communication and can present and receive new ideas with ease
Driven to grow, learn and output only your best
The ability to work remotely
The ability to adhere to a flexible schedule
Self-starter that is dedicated to uplifting the art of game development
Experience modeling specifically for games
Knowledge of weaponry and military grade items a plus

Apply here: Careers@findtheisle.com

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