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[PAID] Freelance Character Concept Artist

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Epitasis Games is seeking an exceptional freelance character concept artist who can help bring a realistic and grounded vision for the characters in our upcoming, to be announced title.

Responsibilities, Requirements, and Skills
- Proficiency in Photoshop
- Excellent communication skills
- Work with lead developer to bring vision for narrative and characters within world to life
- Work from, and/or create, mood boards and reference material if needed
- Portfolio demonstrating understanding of composition, storytelling, strong knowledge of human anatomy and art fundamentals, and compelling designs for modern day, realistic characters
- Ability to invoice your own work

If this sounds like something that interests you, please send us an email containing your portfolio, CV, and estimated rate at jobs[at]epitasisgames.com with the 'Character Concept Artist' in the subject line.

Due to the number of applicants received, we may not be able to respond to everyone. Applications without a portfolio or CV will not be considered.

Thank you!

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