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Hello everyone!

I have put together an 'Interior Building Kit' for the Unreal Marketplace that is designed to make setting up interiors as fast as possible. I have roughly 800+ assets, and a number of blueprints that take advantage of many of these assets.

Walls can be placed using a blueprint that automatically selects the best asset based on its destinations distance. You can pick from clean walls, or ones with trim. The option to apply a variety of windows is also available. There is also a trim blueprint that does something very similar to the walls, but using trim geometry. A TV was created that supports internet streamed videos, a variety of cabinets and countertops with options to customize shelf height, the opening of doors, or where you want sinks. A floor plane blueprint is also created to very quickly place floors and ceilings with the right lightmas value, a blocking volume was also created to prevent light bleeding. A bed blueprint was put together that allows you to place a bed ranging from a single to a california kind, and you can customize if it has a boxspring, or the height of the mattress and boxspring. A variety of blankets were also created for it. To make lighting easier, there is a master light blueprint that automatically re-positions the lighting according to the asset you choose. A dresser is created, a storage unit, desk, interactive doors, fridge, stove, and many more.
This pack is also Raytrace ready, and everything is set up with collisions and lightmap UV's.

You can see a flythrough of the project Here.
You can check out the pack on the marketplace Here.

Thanks for reading. I hope this pack helps with your projects if you choose to pick it up! :)

- Kind Regards


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