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Hi! My name is Marek and I'm a CG artist from Poland looking for remote job or commissions! I have been working in digital media for almost 5 years (mostly self taught in that media). I have bachelor degree in fine arts and also finished several digital art courses in illustration, concept art and interior design at Fenomenarium school in Wroclaw. I'm eager to work in game industry (video games & board games) because of my great passion towards games. I have the knowledge what works or doesn't in game mechanics and also I know how the game development pipeline looks like. I'm curious and I like to explore particular topic I am currently working on. I'm also open for any commissions(excluding nsfw) for character design/illustration for private customers.

If you have any questions I'm eager to answer them. I'm looking forward to contact from you!
Contact: marelrymar@gmail.com
portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/stagh
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisiamal/
Sample of my works:

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