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[PAID] Character Artist : Humanoids & Creatures - Strange Matter Studios

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Strange Matter Studios is on the lookout for a creative and talented Character Artist to join our ranks and help us create new humanoids and creatures for our new third person MOBA : FAULT. (Heroes, hero skins, new minions, etc..).

Responsibilities :
⦁ Create 3D humanoid, animal and robotic (or a mix of the three) models and textures with a strong knowledge base of proportion scale and form.
⦁ Respect defined technical constraints given by both project requirement and Unreal Engine.
⦁ Adapt to our dynamic art style (Mostly realistic with a few stylized twists).
⦁ Be part of the creative process through getting the models into the game. (Through communication with the art, animation and technical artists).
⦁ Participate in and be open to accept constructive criticism from other team members (Especially other artists).
⦁ Communicate efficiently with many departments.

Qualifications : 
⦁ Strong portfolio showcasing your best work, we are aiming for AAA quality assets.
⦁ Ability to showcase characters made for and running on a real-time game engine renderer (UE4, Unity, Godot...).
⦁ Excellent skill in your 3D software of choice (Blender, ZBrush, Mudbox ...)
⦁ Strong knowledge of your 3D texturing software of choice.
⦁ Basic experience of Substance Painter (Required for exporting to UE4 only)
⦁ Strong knowledge of skinning and rigging for creatures. (Humanoid & Animal)

Plus : 
⦁ Experience with UE4's material editor. 
⦁ Experience with creating facial blendshapes.
⦁ Experience with cloth & hair simulation.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to : [email protected]
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