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JuniWonderland triangle
I wanted to do a little Environment for my portfolio, but I have a few difficultied, cause I still don't know what I am doing here xD
The plan was to do most of the work in Substance Designer, but its not looking good, so I probably have to change some stuff...

This is my blockout:

I photoshopped a few of my references into it:

I want to fill the room up with pillows and carpet and a few plants

First the things I already did and like:

I have variations fot the patterns and for the carpet and pillow meshes, so that they are not looking the same and i will change the colors when everything is together in the scene

But I tried doing this mural thing on the outside of the wall, but its not looking to good and my texture is huge and currently the inner wall is scaled really tiny in the uv...I know that with different polygroups in zbrush you can put different texture sets on different parts of the object, but I don't know how to do it in 3dsmax......I don't know :'D

I could really use feedback right now, cause I don't have anybody I could ask and I need a portfolio and need to find a job |D


  • teodar23
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    teodar23 polycounter
    Its looking good so far.
    I wish i could help but i dont understand what you are struggling with.
    If the mural texture is too big you can use simmetry in the uv and just do half.
    If you are new to 3ds i suggest googling some tuts on uv mapping.
    If you plan to do the whole wall with just one texture i suggest breaking it up and instead use tileable textures where possible.
    Good luck.
  • JuniWonderland
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    JuniWonderland triangle
    Thank you so much @teodar23 :o 
    I redid the mesh and the Uvs and not only are my textures now smaller, the mesh itself is so much neater >.>
    This was before and I know, its so ugly |D

    But now it looks like this....well at least it looked like this, yesterday, but then i changed my mind and made different texturesets for the outside and the inside, so its a bit different now, to use more uv the UV space

    I made a plaster Material for a wall and a painting 

    So these are the walls in the end...there are still a few seams, maybe I can fix them :'D

    And I made a little plant, to have something green and alive in the scene 

    I want to render everything in unreal, but I probably will do a few quick tests in Marmoset first and see, where I place the things and how many, so I started on that as well

  • teodar23
  • JuniWonderland
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    JuniWonderland triangle
    I did a few render in Marmoset and I really like the interior

    But I started the project because of the beautiful reference I used for the outside and this is just the worst |D

    I tried to save it with dirt and changed the normal a bit

  • JuniWonderland
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    JuniWonderland triangle
    I tried putting it into unreal...my collider are not working properly and I don't know how to work with light :'D It looks different when I start the game, but I think for this project I will keep it that way |D

    I have a new project I want to do with a bit more effort put into it...
    The plan is to make this concept art into an environment in unreal: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OoGWJv
    To force myself to work more in Unreal I did the block out in the engine

    The environment is inspired by assassin's creed odyssey, so the next step is going back into the game and trying to figure out how big the statues etc are....I feel like my try is a bit too big.
    Then I will replace the chaarcter meshes with blocks and export everything.
    I still have a student license for 3ds max, but I am afraid that it will run out soon, so I have to get used to blender as well
  • JuniWonderland
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    JuniWonderland triangle
    Juts a little update...I exported my block out into 3ds max...and I thought about how I want to build the elements

    I will make the walls on the left and right out of these column shapes and the receding area as two seperate meshes.
    The main bridge I will build out of modules, the luttle bridges are their own element.
    The flags ans statues are of course on their own as well as the fire pit things of course
    The temple in the back is mostly just the front, so I probably will build half of it and mirror it.

    Now I need to find more references for the armour of the statues, the stones ans all of the materials and maybe I will make a 2D sketch of the wall part head on to get a feel for the design, before I start modeling
  • JuniWonderland
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    JuniWonderland triangle
    I wanted to start modeling, but I felt the proportions were all messed up, so I went back into Unreal and tried to fix them
    And I added the other side of the bridge we can't see in the concept art.
    I feel like my version is still too big

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