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My first finished 3D model: APC Stryker

Hi, this is my first finished 3D model, I started with 3D when the quarantine started (7 months ago), I wanted to learn a new skill but I fell in love with this and wanted to devote my life to it. 



Do you think this is good enough for trying to freelance a little bit?

About topology; when I started the project I still didn't understand the thing about good topology so it's a mess lol (that's why I don't show it), but since then I have study that topic a lot and now I understand what's good topology and when triangles or non-manifold geometry are acceptable.


  • sacboi
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    sacboi quad damage
    Not bad for a first effort - fairly solid, what I particularly like is that you'd nailed your ref's silhouette not as straightforward to do when starting out.
    (...also, don't be shy showing your work up-front, most of us here are learning too which really doesn't stop by the way or the fun bit, either : )

    as for freelancing/sole trader, can't see why not just keep progressing your skill-set whilst building a portfolio/volume of work. Needless to say nurturing a sustainable client base will take time but if you're attentive to market shifts and persevere throughout, a sought after positive outcome will usually manifest plus check out our wiki or other relevant resources linked on the Careers - Education sub forum.

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