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Looking for a 2D artist for an amazing long term video game project.

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Hello everyone, we are a small group of game devs known by Everlight Games, we are currently working on a high fantasy video game project known as Equilibrium. Due to the amount of artwork the game will require we need an additional artist, Our team currently consists out of a writer, Coder and 2 artist.

The job of the 2D artist will be to work closely with us to create artwork such as level design backgrounds, character backgrounds and FX effects like abilities.

We have a revenue share plan active and the game is being handled as a extremely serious and passionate project and will be released across all standard platforms such as Steam, GOG etc.

Our artstyle is fairly unique and advanced but, please do ask me about it if you have questions.

If you're interested in being part of this high fantasy project, be sure to let me know on discord (Zentronox#0661).
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