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UE4 Deleting Folders Issue?

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Amank679 polycounter lvl 5
Hi all,
Hey all! I'm fairly new to UE4 and had a quick question about moving and renaming folders.

In the contents folder, I created a folder for models and materials. I tried renaming said folder and it created a copy. When I tried to delete the newly created folder, UE4 said many of the models were being referenced in the scene. I left the newly created folders alone, but went ahead and made a copy on my external drive and manually deleted the new, renamed folders I didn't want from window's directories. I re-opened the project from the external drive and everything seems to be in place.

I'm not sure if there's other stuff going on under the hood, so I haven't tried this on my original version of the project. I did some research and saw there was a "Fix up redirectors" option and went ahead and selected all the old folders and clicked Fix up redirectors. Now all the old folders and their containing folders are empty, but I can't delete these folders.

Basically, I just want 1 model and materials folder without creating any more confusion. I'd really appreciate the help!
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