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[Blender 2.8] Baya - Blender to Maya bridge

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Baya is a Blender tool that generate Maya source file (.ma) inside Blender.

  • Baya is a quick way to exchange data with other artists who might use Maya
  • You can iterate quickly when you work with Maya oriented game engine exporters by quickly generating Maya source and exporting using Maya


Note: Baya is compatible only with Blender 2.80+.

Other note: Currently supports mesh data.

Converts Blender scene directly to Maya source file format:

  • Preserves objects visibility and hierarchy
  • Applies visible modifiers
  • Transfers
  • Geometry
  • Objects transform
  • Materials
  • UV Data
  • Vertex Color Data
  • Shading Information
       hard and soft edges
       custom vertex normals


  • Go to Blender settings -> addons -> Install From .zip file
  • Enable the addon by checkbox in the addons list

How to use

  • Specify file name
  • Locate export folder
  • Click Generate Maya File button

Planned futures:
  • Linked collections support
  • Full material export with textures and other things
  • Maya to blender import (import Maya source file contents into Blender)
  • Havok nodes
  • Armature support (not sure yet)


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