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[UE4] Chernobylite - Chernobyl game on photogrammetry. Progress.

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I'm level/lighting artist and there is some screenshots on my work on Chernobylite game project. On the beginning i mainly did level design and some environment. Since half of project my job was relight whole project with new weather dynamic system(include indoors) and find good-look for that. I setup lights, materials, postprocess and make it works technical also. I make and adjust graphic settings. My technical responsibility was to run this on GTX 660 with Low settings and still work with GTX1070 on Ultra settings. A lot of new knowledge! :)

Any feedback will be great <3

Screens are from preproduction(2017 and static lighting) to beta stage(2020 and dynamic lighting). You can see progress and how the game changed also :) I hope You like it :)

More on artstation:


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