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WIP - Art for a Bunny game in UE4

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I wanted to create a bit of a blog thread to keep track of my progress on this and to motivate me to keep working on it. Critique welcome! I'm happy to learn.

Together with a friend I'm working on a cute 3D bunny platformer, I'm doing all the art and animation system, he is doing the bulk of the scripting and all the design.

Here are the first concept sketches I did to get an idea of where I want to go with the feel of the art. I hope to make the bunny squishy and cute, so that will be a bit of a rigging and topology challenge! (For me at least, haha)

My first steps in 3D were to get a prototype model rigged and animated in Unreal, to test the shapes and general movement. 

This is the model built from cubes in smooth view that I smooth-subdivided after I was happy with the shape. 

A very quick and very dirty rigging session later, this is what I have:

Time to test it out in Unreal!

I spent a bit too much time on polishing the animation for this test, but I couldn't resist. The purple line is a debugging system my friend made to track the jumping curves. I'm liking the overall proportions but will probably make the front legs a little bigger. He also needs to be more chubby.

Next I set up the animation system to allow for running, sprinting, idle, jumping and falling. I started on an idle system that allowed for random animations every now and then, but did not get it working yet. Also not high on the prio list, so I'll drop it until I have the model and locomotion to a place I'm happy with.

Note for next time: I need to make some sketches of the bunny's different animation poses, to help me in the modeling process. I also need to figure out a good T-pose for it. I don't expect to nail this the first try so there will have to be some more mesh/rig/animation tests before I commit to a final model. 

Some more polished concept art for the bunny also wouldn't hurt! Especially a color scheme needs to be thought out.


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