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[WIP]Sci-fi Portal Diorama

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NOTE: I decided to scrap this project and redesign something else in a stylized look. This topic/thread can be closed down and removed.


  • PolyHertz
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    Honestly it's kind of a boring piece. If you're going to make a portal, try recreating ones in existing films or games (such as in Stargate or the particle-heavy ring at the end of the UE5 demo). And don't be afraid  to use a lot of polygons to make the shape well rounded, game engines aren't really polygon constrained these days.
  • DavidCruz
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    I'll try to add a vision i could see this thing in, make it a floating paneled stairway (like going to heaven) type of scene that might spice it up a bit, i see a desert landscape though and a dark blue/purple pink sky, the portal and colors there have to be different.  Then random rocks and such floating about from the energy of the portal being activated.

    I glanced the thread, i read the 1st 5 or so words from the reply (sry) and went on that.(not an environment person, so hope it helps.)

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