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How can I combine a blood smart material with a MatFX?

So i am using MatFX Water Drops and a blood smart material(link below to it) but am unable to change the the color of the water drops so i want to know if it would be possible to link the MatFX to the blood smart material with an anchor point so the water drops are now blood?

Blood Smart Material ======> https://share.substance3d.com/libraries/5855

In the picture i have the smart material opened so you may not need to import it yourself. Im wondering if i can make those water droplets on gun have the blood effect of the smart material i have linked for you. If you can help me do that or a different work around then please explain with some detail as i have a basic understanding of anchors(learned about them today) and other advanced features in painter.


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    Indeed Anchor points could help.
    You'll need to extract the drops data from your drops layers. In this case I created a dummy drops layer on which I set the water drops roughness to 1, and added a level on top to make the drops roughness really black and white. Then I added an Anchor Point on top.

    In my fill layer for the blood, I added a mask, and added a Fill effect on that mask.
    In the fill slot, I chose the anchor point and referenced the roughness channel. That way I can create a mask based on my drops.

    As you can see here, this will also work if the layer you reference through the anchor point is hidden.

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