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Sandstone Falls

Hello Guys,

I started creating a new environment based on awesome artwork from Eytan Zana, Naughty Dog senior concept artist. His artworks are really great, Make sure to check them all.

In the beginning, I started to gather some references from google and Pinterest. I used them for creating my Reference sheet. Also, I created Mood, Light, AAA Quality Benchmark boards. I learned this method from deer Tim Simpson in Polygon Academy. He is Environment Art Director at Counterplay Games. Make sure check his awesome artworks too. Here is a link to his Tutorial that he explain how Planning an environment.

For managing my project I created a Board in Trello. And for those how don't know what is Trello, It is a terrific tool for project management and task management.

I will be so happy if you feedback on my post and give some Critiques.

This is my Artstaion Address If you want to see more artworks from me.

Also, I post all of the WIP shots in Artstation, so you can watch them here.

Love you guys, I hope you enjoy,

Thanks For Watching :)


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