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Choosing a first tablet for 3D Modeling/Sculpting

(Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language) 

Hey, guys!

I discovered 3D some time ago and since then I decided to start studying to become a Character Artist. I'm about to buy my first Tablet, but I'm a little confused.

(initially I intend to use the Tablet to do human anatomy studies in Zbrush)

I ask this because I always see people saying that Wacom is the industry standard and things like that.


  • Eric Chadwick
  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero ngon master
    Doesn't really matter right now you are going to break it anyway[I am on my 4th] or it will get old and run out of nibs ,get something cheap to learn on and when you know what you doing buy a higher class with all the bells ,whistles and sensitivity

  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz greentooth
    Since op probably already moved on i'll just talk.

    ^That works for the 1st tablet you get but i agree getting a high end one (if your pockets are deep i guess it doesn't matter) what the issue was with my 1st tablet was dropping the pen, i was young but i do take care of things(example managed to keep 2 pairs of somewhat unique, kicks/sneakers looking brand new for over 8 years, got a cool Warner brothers jean jacket looking spanking new as well, think that was about 30 years old.) but they are sensitive(the pens), luckily now i have a carpeted floor so if you got a carpet floor you do not have to worry to much about dropping it.

    As much as i loved Wacom and playing with a cintiq(older) once or twice, some driver compatibility in earlier builds was a hassle, idk about now-a-days.  Got a XP-PEN now, i go for "cheap", stuff cause it does the job enough for my needs.  Also seems people are learning recently that tracking your hand across a smaller space does very well for arthritis sufferers.  Lucky me i guess I've always got the smallest available tablet cause i do not come from the luck of the draw of $ (families).  Going to say though on XP-PEN's customer service (at least my experience) they go above and beyond helping you, i even received a replacement pen for a defective pen within a week, so that is a huge plus for me, guy was great, have a feeling i was speaking to the creator of the design, so i guess customer service will vary. (i guess i got on XP-Pen super early.)

    I do not utilize the buttons very much on any of the tablets i have, they help sure but for whatever reason, i just don't like to use them.  The other issue with tablets are the "coverings", the top part of tablets seem to wear away with over use, obviously they want people to continue to supply $ funds but they could easily make it a rolling ball bearing tip and we can all avoid the scratches and scrapes that occur.

  • GrevSev
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    GrevSev polycounter lvl 8
    Any medium sized wacom 

    To many pros to list. Just buckle down and pay the 100
  • oglu
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    oglu quad damage
    My wacom is 12 years old and still in use every day. 
  • sprunghunt
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    sprunghunt greentooth
    GrevSev said:
    Any medium sized wacom 

    To many pros to list. Just buckle down and pay the 100

    I wouldn't even go that far. I have something like this (below) for working at home and it's fine for using zbrush and substance painter. I find a big tablet to be uncomfortable for most 3d work. 


    Wacom tablets are cheaper nowadays and , as other have said, they last longer than any other piece of equipment. It took 20 years for me to replace my first wacom. 
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