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Light Armor Walker - critique is welcome

Hi there! 

I had the time for a bigger personal projekt over the last few weeks. My goals were to use existing concept art and turn it into a 3d model. I wanted to practice hard-surface, get some experience in substance painter, create a complex but easy to use rig and finaly present it in a nice way. 

I choose this vehicle by jake parker as reference.

Clay Renderings


At the beginning i analyzed the concept art, blocked the thing out with basic shapes and planned how to model it.
I then modeled the thing in Blender and tried to keep the topology clean an simple. I sculpted damage and smaller details onto a highpoly version of it. 

Then i switched over to substance painter. It was my second project in substance and therefore a little painfull in the beginning. I learned a lot during the process, had a few throwbacks and needed to redo some things. Especially the baking from highres to lowres turned out to be a problem. I gave up in the end and painted the damage in. I will need to do a smaller test project to tackle the baking. 

Rigging was done in blender and went a little overboard. With toggles for IK/FK, floor constraints, controllable lamps and heat vents, springs for the toes, flexible cables etc. 

Colorgrading, Vignette and the lightcone were done in Photoshop for the stills and in AfterEffects for the animated version. 

After rendering i found a few errors in the paintjob. And i'm absolutely not happy with the heat distortions in the video. It also could use a real environment instead of a gray background
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