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In order to maintain or aim for,a high standard in UDK,
we need a new Anatomie for the Models and a Better Resolution for the textures.

it will also boost your project.either it´s for your game or just for a demo reel.


This section is ONLY for "Triple a Assets"

-High Def. Models,as well "Animated"
-Advanced and,or Awesome Looking "Materials" *optional
-Cinematic "Lut" (Look up Table)
-"RD-Textures" and,or "PBR-Textures" in 4-8k**!! the "dpi" should be arround 100-500 *optional,you can assign them to a color profile,like Adobe 1998
-Customized,Great Looking"Particle System" *optional
-"Vehicles" avoid models with multiple Material slots *optional driveable!
-"A Scene" of yours,but with a certain Quality..

///// All this assets,Should be Packaged in a "upk. File"! /////

in order to save time for the artist
(Launching 3dsMax+converting it to FBX 2013+Smooth Groups+Export+Import in UDK).

..but you can also provide a link.

Don´t forget the the name of the source or the artist!!

**the 8k tweak:

Please,try to keep this section updated and make enough "Reuploads".



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