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Horizon Zero Dawn Fan Art

Hello !
My name is Anaëlle Bibot, I finished school this year like 3d computer graphics designer in video game. i would like to specialize in character modeling.
So I present you the character I made during my last year. Horizon Zero Dawn Fan, I made my own character trying to keep the same DA.
I try to improve my skills again for ain part of the production like hairs for exemple.
Any comments or tips are welcome for my next work, thank you !
You can find all my work and videoson my Artstation: https://abgameartist.artstation.com/


  • HarlequinWerewolf
    Great work on finishing a whole character! I think the biggest thing letting down your character just now is the texturing. Nothing particularly looks like a defined material, and a lot of them look flat and boring. I'd say don't rely too heavily on Substance generators for such huge parts of the character, top and all of the leather. Use generators as a base and build detail on top of them. The noise in the fabric of the top is too large and makes it look a bit like a burlap sack instead of woven fabric. 

    The hair needs more break-up and fly aways but also seems to be lacking is larger chunks especially near the base of the head. Did you make the hair with XGen? Or hand paint it? It looks really flat and doesn't seem to have any shine to it.

    I'll recommend a coupe of YouTube videos that REALLY helped me up my texturing game:

    Magdalena Dadela's skin texturing in Substance is awesome! She breaks it down really nicely but it is a live event so I had to pause quite a lot to get all the details: 

    And in terms of hair, Johan Litvall did the hair for Horizon Zero Dawn and in this talk he discusses the fundamentals of how to make hair for games. It's super useful and really interesting but it is a longer video: 

    There's some really nice stuff here, I'd love to see what you do next :+1:

  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg polycounter lvl 4
    I like the design you did.
    Don´t be afraid to either use bigger texture maps or split your character into more uv spaces, for example one for the lowerbody, one for the upperbody, one for the head and one for various gear and then another for weapons etc. The textures seem a little low res.
    I would add an occlusion film on top of the eyes to ground them more in there. good luck on your next project.
  • Anabi
    HarlequinWerewolf and JohannesAg thank you very much for your comments and help !
    Yes, for texturing I have again need to work on it. That's true, I have just take basic material, i'll try to make a better job on the next project. 
    And yes, for the UV I have just follow my teacher how work on his cartoon character and make only one UV. 
    I won't make the same mistake. I will try to break down my work well, especially if I want to be able to change the clothes later.
    That's why the clothes are not with the same res.
    For the part of hairs, yes this is make with  XGen, but I have learn very quickly with an other teacher, that was difficult to have time with him... So I have learn alone after, but I'm not satisfied also with the result.
    I take all your good advice and video to modeling my next character, thank you !
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