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What We Do in the Shadows

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AllyAlbon greentooth
Possibly the best tv show ever made.  On the art side, the sets are just so stunning and the lighting is superb.  

I recently went through my folio and it is beyond time to add a new AAA style piece to the folio, all my other pieces are old and need to be removed, burned, shut into a dark room never to see the light of day.

This is going to be a big project with intention to show off PBR materials made in Designer, intricate high poly bakes, lighting, and utilizing Zbrush's newest updates to make curtains, cushions and such - and to see how I have progressed overall since I haven't made a personal AAA piece like this since I entered the industry.

Started it tonight. Isn't it beautiful!!!! Going to try and record the creation journey as much as I can.


  • AllyAlbon
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    AllyAlbon greentooth
    I always spend far too long doing the blockout stage, trying to work out scale. Because this is a game environment, I am going to oversize assets a little, and space objects out more and further from the walls so there is room to walk around. Reasonably happy with this, time to start blocking in low poly

  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz greentooth
    tldr, bout projects being made for portfolio collecting dust.(helpful to op since they just started a new project)

    Neat, I've been thinking about how "we" create things for the portfolio and they end up, like you said put into a dark room never to see the light of day.  (issue is though most of us use others conceptual designs to make our new pieces) Unless we got a buddy/partner who specializes in the creation of concepts we are "stuck", using someone else's work and can not profit from it.
    Odd thing to state on someone's thread but it applies in a way, in that we should be creating things we can both profit from and be able to redistribute. 
    Taking creating pieces to the next level, being able to sell pieces we put a lot of time into would only make sense and be a smart thing to do, we can all use extra $. (maybe this is your goal, a video guide?)  Don't need to say it if it is, just mentioning that putting time into things that are just going to be useless in the future would be the wrong thing to do, especially now-a-days. 
    Basically make use of that time you have creating things to profit as much as you can from them, not only in progression and knowledge but profits and promoting yourself as well. (More for the new/students/hobbyist/everyone not in AAA)  Like "offering" old pieces to Indie projects or for royalties, self promoting, another side title released, idk if contracts allow that, but its old work, not work they made while contracted to the studio... ect.
     (stopped myself i can write a book on things..) 

    Artwork comments:
    To the artwork it looks great, i have no idea about the show (no time for that stuff), will keep an eye out for this though.
  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis high dynamic range
    After checking out your other art, I'm pretty excited for this!
  • AllyAlbon
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    AllyAlbon greentooth
    @DavidCruz - I totally agree, especially considering how much time we can sink into these assets!  However, I put it into three categories, which can overlap;  Education, fun, profit.  At this stage in the game, as I am not the most experienced in AAA/designer, this piece is most certainly going in the Education and Fun categories1  Although if I end up making some nice props, who knows.  I have another project going that is also education, but the end goal is to learn enough to sell those skills.  I think that's the fun (frustration?) of 3d, there is always something to learn, always a new goal, and always a means to use those to further a career.  I really hope to put some stuff up on the marketplace one day!

    @Ashervisalis - Thank you!  I am excited for this piece, hope it takes my folio to the next level!

    Working on some simple shapes for the assets. Temporary lighting in there so I can see what I am doing. I am really looking forward to getting to texture that wallpaper, there is some fun stuff happening in there!
    Frustrated at how few hours there are in the day still. I want to keep working on this tonight, but my piano lesson calls as well....

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