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[PAID] 3D Artists needed for realistic Low-Poly models.


More detailed info in the PDF below!

We from Innobrix are looking to spruce up our library of realistic Low-Poly models. 
We have 50 high poly models we would like to have modified. Now we are looking for a talented artist to help us in a way that the models stay visually similar but become more suitable for out online web application

Before diving into the thick of things we would love to get your quote on the models and a realistic timeframe in which you think the job could be done.
Please let us know if you are interested, and I will send you test models from which you could form your quote. 
If you then consider this to be within your scope, we will send you the remainder of the 50 models.

If this sparks your interest please read the PDF provided, more is explained therein. :blush:

Please include a link to your portfolio with related projects you have been working on.
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More detailed info in the PDF below!
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