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Cyberpunk Slum Alley - Sector B6 (The Suburbs)

Hi everyone! 
I'm really glad to release this project. I really put everything on it during its process and I have managed to finish in a month and one week! That's was my challenge (and my holidays!) So this is the showcase of my Cyberpunk Alleyway, the sector B6, or as it is known to others in the city, the suburbs. I took as the main concept the amazing illustration of Francis Tneh (see moodborad) and I search for more references to complete it as I imagined. As always, I made everything from scratch, including all the models, texturing, lighting, and VFX except the textures of the walls/floors and the characters. I also created a gameplay to see how it looks in-game. I hope you like the alleyway and take care if you visit it someday!

Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/L3Zn2l

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