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Sci-fi Gun : Development Diary

    Hello! once again I bring you a development diary.

     The principal idea for the weapon's art style was to generate a Sci-fi pistol or retro Sci-fi with animations and with a "detail stylized". I'm a noob with the weapon creation but I like so much to try new things and have new challenges. Here I explain how I made this weapon.

     First I searched a lot of references and I chose two that liked me for their aspect and I merged them to create a "new" weapon but with the same style.

     I base mainly on the second picture: the yellow weapon (HGK-1 by Up-Tchi) because it's a drawing and the interpretation of the pieces is freer.
     Later, when I had a "final concept", I downloaded 3D pistol model from internet as reference to generate a blockout whit more accurate sizes because I don't have a lot of experience modeling weapons and I didn't know how to start.

     After the quick weapon's "blockout", I started with the barrel and also generated two rails, one upper and other lower with inner faces because the element that's around barrel will have animation.

     I made different volumes to give the weapon form and I continued with this.

     On the other hand I also created different details with geometry in the most advanced pieces. On those pieces I separated the face that I wanted to edit, I generated the form or the cuts in these face, later I attached the face to the piece and I joined it with loops because the tris aren't good for the turbosmooth. Later, when I finnish the weapon bakes I will be able to reduce this geometry to triangles again.

     I had an issue with the functioning of the weapon's logic: I set the barrel's position too low and I needed it to be aligned with the chamber.

     I fixed this creating the chamber more low than the chamber door.

     As can you see in the pictures I added a magazine just for aesthetics and visual weight because the weapon had a lot of mass in the front part.
     Then, I continued with the details and with the different pieces... ending up with the smoothing gropus creation.

     Later, after the bakes, just the texture and the animation remained.


     To create the stylized style I hand painted some curvature masks, created color contrast on the different pieces like gradients and used a lot of "Sharpen" to gain more detail in the dirt or wear.

     When I finished texturizing I had doubts about the final color so I decided for white after asking my friends to vote.

     Thank you so much for see my little development diary.

Sci-fi Gun : Development Diary

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