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Gameboy Advance Feedback

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Sierra3D triangle
I participated in the Rookies weekly drill this past week and this is the outcome. I would love some feedback, please. I think I might continue with this project and make it a bigger piece. 


  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz greentooth
    Looks good, uhm probably going to sound gross a bit but its what kids/teens did.
    So maybe some sort of grunge details(dirt/black/brown in the arrow indents) around the D pad (you know used) some scratches from being dropped and sometimes my cousin would have a sticker on it from a popular game or even maybe a drawing or writing claiming as their own if there are two kids in the house with similar color game-boy's. 

    Things like that if you want to push it more, otherwise i like it right now, but i am sure more could be done, I am trying to get myself to a point where i can say its good enough, time to move on.  
    I'd say if you want to do more, maybe get a scene with it turned on? glowing light source and game screen/menu of on a pause screen. 
    For the roughness of it all i guess looking up sellers currently selling any of this on maybe Ebay and the like to get some used looking damage/details from those and add what you like best to your somewhat clean version atm.

    I stretched to find things to point out hopefully helpful, otherwise like i said like it now, and idk what else other than some History/usage details and its done.
    Edit: didn't even know there is some contest for it, just read it below, didn't look into it.
  • stevston89
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    stevston89 greentooth
    Don't know if the R and L buttons are unfinished, but they don't really look like the gameboy advanced's buttons. The rest is looking pretty good. The wear on the screen looks a bit to uniform to me. Here is ref of the buttons:

  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    The model looks good overall but it can be optimised a lot. I dont know how much it matters in that competition but if its for real time rendering then it could do with an optimisation pass. Thing is that the model has a lot of polys but its still rough around the edges. Remove unnecessary polys in the flat parts of the model and add polys in the silouette (edges).
    Materials are ok for the most part but the edge wear is too uniform. Some edges would be more scuffed and rough while others - like the ones on the battery compartment lid - would not be that worn because that lid would be closed most of the time. As some suggested you can push the material a lot in terms of history and grounding. Maybe the lid is broken and is hold in place by some sticker or band aid :)
  • Sierra3D
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    Sierra3D triangle
    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    @DavidCruz I really like the sticker idea and the game screen. I actually used my own gameboy advance as reference for the grunge/roughness. Funny enough, I made it more scratched up than it actually is but I understand that I can push it more to add more of a story behind it. 

    @stevston89 Yeah you are correct, thats something I need to fix. I spent less time on that piece because in the main render you can't really see it, but it's definitely not good enough to show the top view.

    @teodar23 Optimization didn't really matter too much in terms of the challenge but I do want to get better at that, so I'll go over it again! I'm also going to revisit the grunge and edge wear to make it more realistic
  • Sierra3D
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