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Any suggestion for traveling on bus with a laptop to make 3d? Stands or gadgets?

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Justo interpolator
I'll be making a long bus trip soon (Krakow to Munich, using Flixbus), and was thinking of taking my laptop and mouse with me to try make some 3D while traveling. I've never done this, and it probably won't be the most comfortable, but I wanted to give it a try nonetheless.

Does anyone know a stand or platform to place your laptop on for these kind of trips worth the price, to keep your lap free and cool? Have you made a situation like this work for you, and if so, do you have any advice on things to bring that might be useful?


  • Eric Chadwick
    Try to get the laptop, or even just the mouse, off your legs. The bus movement will be amplified, making the mouse very jittery. I've done some 3d on a train, pre-covid, and the only thing that made it passable was having a fixed table.
  • Eric Chadwick
    Forget trying to do any kind of precision work, it'll just be an exercise in frustration. Better bet is to load up on entertainment... movies, games, reading.

    Also I can tell you from long plane rides, arrange any sleeping for early on in the trip, it'll become shorter duration and less satisfying the longer you have to be sitting there. If you're a drinker, have some alcohol first thing, it'll help you get to sleep.
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