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Looking for review on knife 3D modeling

Hello, everyone!

I wasn't completely sure where to ask, but I have started to struggle with the topology part, specially in this knife. I know is a really simple knife and that it might seem to subdivide well, still I do know I'm doing some things wrong and there should be a lot of ways to do it better.

Also, This might not be for a game asset but in theory I should be using creases for that case?

I was checking tutorials on how people tackled the knives processes, but in this one even though it seems easy, I feel like I'm missing something. 

(I hope I'm not messing with a guideline)

This is the reference image: 

I was planning to create a showboard with a bunch of knives sticked to it, but then I started making this knife, which seemed to be quite easy.

I'll attach the link to the model before adding the support loops and after adding them for subdivision, in case it would be helpful:

My main problem is that I feel like it lacks sharpness where the dull part goes sharp, also I have a huge problem with some triangles in the same transition from dull to sharp.

The second image is the top part and the third one the bottom.

I understand that it should look good subdivided, but I feel like I'm missing something completely.

Are there any youtubers you can recommend me, I looked for a bunch and they have been really helpful, but still I feel I' missing some fundamentals. Any books or something alike?

Thank you, guys!


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis high dynamic range
    Hey! I'd go over your model with a fine comb but I'm a little busy at the moment, sorry! I can tell you though that a course that helped me a lot with sub-d modeling is the below one. You can sign up with Pluralsight for a free trial and watch the entirety of the first part.

  • MegaSofteae
    Ohh! Hey! I really appreciate it! I'll definitely take a look!  Thanks! 
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    Hey man, good start.
    You seem to be confused about what you are supposed to do and its not clear what you want to achieve. If you want to practice a certain workflow i suggest googling exactly that and look at some more tuts. If you want to just model stuff for fun, just see what works, experiment, dont be afraid to be "messing with a guideline". Either way i would reccomend looking at Arrimus3d and Chamferzone on yt.
  • sacboi
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    sacboi ngon master
    ^ Agreed.

    And yeah, likewise Tim Bergholz over on Chamferzone has an excellent free indepth blade/knife tute worth a thorough going over if an aim to further gain insights on how and why certain workflows often achieve better results. Also you might want to check out our subd thread, sticky'd on the Tech section, as well. Just the last ten pages alone are populated with a fair number of *gems* too eyeball.

    As to your example, there's no artifacting so good to go plus a hint - not all faces have to be four sided when the surface is planar keeping in mind that "edged" objects have their own unique challenges.    
  • MegaSofteae
    Ook! Everything is making more sense! These insights are really helpful! Definitely keeping a close eye on workflows.

    Thanks everyone, it's really supportive!
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