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Zbrush - Hair - critique

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GarethStandfield polycounter lvl 2
So for some context this model bust was too try different styles from hair cards too stylized too try up my game in areas im weakest, the face has stepped up hugely from my last attempted at this but hair is something i just cant seem too make look right no matter how many times i attempted it, any pointers on what steps i should take too get better at it overall. 


  • Lucathyel
    Hair is usually made out of layers, so you can't get them straight like it is in the back of the head. They only behave like that if wet or brushed in a direction.
    Remember the concept of the big/medium/small-sized areas, it also applies to hair, mainly stylized ones.
    My advice is to get some real-life pictures to understand how it works first before trying to simplify in a stylized manner, it's easier to break down the concept if you study from its source. Pinterest is usually great for hair pictures, like this one.
    Pay attention to the layering happening and also a bit of randomness on the hair clumps and strands, while also keeping in mind the flow that every hair has on it.

    And don't worry, hair is usually a tough and time-consuming topic, even ones that look simplified took a lot of work to look iconic the way it does, mainly referencing high-level crafted characters from Blizzard artists.
  • GarethStandfield
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    GarethStandfield polycounter lvl 2
    These are the reffs i was using, so guess right now my forms are too large with no smaller forms mhmm. 

    Ye its a very tough subject indeed 100% seems like the hardest thing iv tried learning since anatomy haha. Cheers ill try implement your feedback.

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